Pečená zebra (Roast Zebra)

pecena zebra obalka final

Iva PekárkováPečená zebra (Roast Zebra)

Publisher: Mladá fronta, Praha, 2015
ISBN 978-80-204-3856-0
272 pages

In this novel Iva Pekárková writes about a modern-day phenomenon no-one has written about yet, that is, black-and-white relationships within the Czech Republic. She knows what’s going on in Prague streets and nightclubs as well as in sleepy Czech towns whose inhabitants may never have seen a “live” black man. She sets the “big world out there” against the often small minds of both Czechs and Africans, breaking a few taboos.

The reader gets acquainted with five main white female characters: Veronika who steps from a tough childhood right into multiple motherhood; Jitka the top manager who, chasing her career, forgets that there are more things to life; the self-centered Rene whose carefree life of nightclubs, drugs and numerous boyfriends ends in big trouble; the sweet and shy Amálka, deeply disappointed in life; and the social scientist Marcela who wants to suck in every aspect of life on her planet. All these protagonists are based on real-life characters and they have one thing in common: their partners of choice are black. In dashes of black-and-white, as well as many other colours, Iva Pekárková describes their destinies with both depth and humour.