Můj golem (My Golem)

Marek Toman, 2009

A legend from the late 16th century tells about Rabbi Löw, who shaped the Golem out of clay and animated him. This creature’s task was to rush to the besieged Jews of Prague to help in times of need. Many varieties of this old story exist. Toman deals with the matter in a surprising way. He portrays Golem from the perspective of a 15-year old boy, who lives in the Jewish ghetto. This boy is friends with a Christian girl living just behind the wall of the ghetto. The book tells authentically about Jewish life and the relationship between Jews and Christians in Prague of Renaissance.

The title has been published in Hungary.

In 2010, the book was nominated for the prestigious Czech Award Magnesia Litera.

In 2011, it was included in White Raven catalogue of notable titles, who deserve worldwide attention, selected by language specialists of the International Youth Library in Munich, Germany.